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A customer recently asked me about extending his existing Aviatrix environment from Azure to GCP.
This came with a small caveat.

In GCP he is using Functions.
One of those functions needs to:

  • reach a backend in Azure
  • be accessed from the Internet
  • be accessed by customers landing over Site2Cloud connections on Spokes

My initial lab setup for this scenario looked similar to this

Can you see the challenge here?
Wherever I would deploy a GCP function, it would just live outside the VPC by default.
I would NOT be able to control where traffic flows.
NOT able to easily apply various layers of security to it.
Have NO straightforward and consistent way to monitor what happens in real time and take measures in case I need to troubleshoot and fix its functionality.
I would be walking blind in the dark and get annoyed with the whole process.

For any challenge there is a solution :)
That’s the reason I chose to be a techie.

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