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If you landed here, then you probably want to learn a bit about the person behind it. Let me try and make a nice introduction then. I’m Mihai, a Network/Systems/whatever falls upon my hands engineer, a techie person always eager to learn more and expand his knowledge.

This has touched ground with Linux, BSD, Solaris, Cisco (6500, 7600, ASR9K, Nexus, UCS), Juniper (MX, QFX, Contrail), Security (Linux based firewalls, ASA, SRX, penetration testing / trying out vulnerabilities in API of services or exploits and patching accordingly), Virtualization (VMWare, KVM) and Containers (Docker, Kubernetes).

I’m also fascinating with seeing how a blackbox solution works (this means breaking into it, seeing how it’s built, tracing its structure, seeing where the gaps made by the time constraint programming / packaging style nowadays are).

I’m not a programmer despite being able to read code, reverse engineer it, change it or adapt it to my needs.

As I kept always taking notes (in Notes:)) of all the interesting stuff that I do and the list grew bigger and bigger, I decided that this might be a good opportunity to share part of my technical path with others that maybe are hitting the same issues as I am.

What will basically be around here?

Anything in the lines of:

  • Network / Systems Engineering
  • Openstack / virtualization / datacenter topics
  • Security (I already passed my Offensive Security OSCP exam and also did the challenge required to register for the CTP / OSCE course => this will be the next step to follow)
  • Reverse engineering products, solutions, Linux stuff

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Mihai Tanasescu

Network, Security, Servers, Openstack, Openshift. If there’s anything new and cool, then I like to learn about it. I’m also a fan of deep diving under the hood of a product to see what makes it tick, what leftovers from programming make it break and how it does its stuff.

SE @ Cisco