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Each time I visit a potentially new customer, there’s always that moment after a sip of coffee, after a few whiteboarding events and heated technical discussions when the following question pops up:

“How do you manage this Multicloud environment ?”
“Isn’t this complex for my Operations Team ?"

If you had asked me this 5-6 years ago…I would have probably said yes.
I was there jumping into action, incidents in the middle of the night, pager alarms and zombie eyes after 4-5h of sleep and the rollercoaster just kept going.

The daily struggle to reduce configuration and administration headaches was something real. I used Bash scripts, Python, Ruby, a mix of various vendor tools and still lost a lot of time investigating each time what went wrong.

This is where in the last few years Terraform has come to the rescue and has provided a consistent way of defining infrastructure while at the same time making tracking of changes easy

(hint: Github/Gitlab + a CI/CD pipeline).

Sounds like a dream come true, right ? Not if you're restless like me and always want to see what's under the hood...

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What this is? Pretty simple…Juniper started off automating stuff via SLAX, something that did not get too much traction and then Python took the lead in front of it. It is an XML/Xpath based language and for simple things you can find it pretty useful and not so complicated to learn. What the script below does is effectively enabling a MIC upon its insertion into an MX5. Previously someone from operations would have to go manually on the device and enable it.

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If there’s anything new and cool, then I like to learn about it. I’m also a fan of deep diving under the hood of a product to see what makes it tick as well as what breaks it.

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