You know those moments when you need to connect to a corporate VPN and all the steps and clicks are just getting terribly annoying? Well I went through the same phase and decided to write something to make my life a tad easier.


  • Cisco Anyconnect
  • After clicking on Connect you get a username and password prompt
  • Password is the token generate inside MobilePASS app (that runs on the Mac and not on the phone:) )
  • MobilePASS app has a token registered inside of it and synced with your employer called generically “My Token”

As this is rather a draft version nothing will block the user from interfering. As such, if you want it to work successfully then please do not click around or do any action while the script is running in order to not change the focus of the window where it is doing its magic.

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Mihai Tanasescu

Network, Security, Servers, Openstack, Openshift. If there’s anything new and cool, then I like to learn about it. I’m also a fan of deep diving under the hood of a product to see what makes it tick, what leftovers from programming make it break and how it does its stuff.

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